Thursday, 23 June 2016

Our last field trip of the year AND our last post for the year! THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME TO READ ABOUT OUR EXCITING CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES! We enjoyed sharing our learning with all of you!

"Good-Bye Everyone!  What a great year we had in Grade Two"!

Here are a few stories about our recent trip to Cates Park...

'Yesterday we went to Cate Park!  First thing we did was going to the park.  It was the biggest park ever!  And I forgot there were a tiny park too.  There were one thing that was like a ride it was the best thing in the park.  Next we went in the woods to have a fresh air walk.. The best thing is seeing wolf foot prints.  It was tierd walking though.  A while later we got out of the ferest we played at another park three min. later we played at a fortrusc it was like a circole but not a circole.  At the tempole I mean fortrusc we played zombie games.  The 2nd last thing we ate lunch.  The very last thing was going to the beach I thougut it would be fun but instead it hurt a lot.  We found a baby crab and a fisherman.  The fisherman coght a starfish and a super red crab.  After it was time to go... Boom!  What happen said the children.  the wheel had a flat wheel.  So we had to call another bus.

"Yesterday we go to Cates Park.  First we go to three park.  It so fun.  We finish that we go in to the forrest.  There lots of trees in the forrest. We threw the brige and we saw river.  River is come from snow because snow is melt and tern into fresh water and go to beach.   We are still walking.  We saw some animal prints.  We threw the forrest we go to fort. It looks like temple and made of great wall.  This fort is like maze.  after we ate lunch and go to beach.  You know where cates park?  Cates park is in the North Vancouver.  In beach we see some puple enoamis starfish little crabs and jellyfish.  We take a pikcher in the beach.  We going to ride bus and going back to school but the bus is broke dowe.  The other bus is riscue us and switch buese and go back to school!"

Yesterday we went to cates park.  we was playing at the park first. And then we walk in the woods.  And we saw a...park and fort.  And then we tack off our backpacks And we went in the holes.  We were playing games in the fort.  It looks like a maze and there was a...BIG graet wall.  And we eat lunch at the beach and then we went in the bus."

" (Fake)  - How cate's park got it's name
Once upon a time there was a lovey park in the hills.  NObody knows the name.  It is very sacrit to the frist nashans they call the park whey-ah-wichen.  One miste morning a Europen fisherman foned the park.  There was an old mill acros a little river not far from the bache the man was fishing on.  there was not many fish but there were crabs.  From that day on the bache he was fishing on is now nonw for it's crabs.  And one day divin 14 went on a fild trip and they renamed the park to cate's park.  And that is the story of how cate's park got it's name."

Yesterday I went to Cates Park.  I went on the bus with my class.  My partner was "G".  "G" is a nice boy.  He is a very good friend.  I think you would like him as a friend.  On the bus me and "G" played Stella Stella Ola.  He yooshely won.  I am not that good at hand games because my hand  are not that quick.  I rilly do not like that my hands are not fast.  I'm pracktsing tho.  We finnily go there.  I felt way way better when I got of the bus.  I smelt the trees and it felt way way way better.  We went on a walk in the foods ferst I saw some saminbarys.  I wanted to eat some.  We were finily there at ferest I only saw the playgrownd but then I saw the... as "G" would say the Grat wall of china.  no it was a mill where they cut would."

"The Best Field trip"
"yesterday my class and me went to Cates Park.  It was asome because there was three playgrounds and one beach.  the first playground had drums and two monkey bars.  And the uther park had a fort and we got to play Zombieapopules.  the fort was acsholy a mill but I say it's a fort.  To get to the park you have to tack a walk in the woods we ate samonaberryis because Miss Quon said so.  After that we went to the beach! There was so many crabs and there was also a fisherman and there was also some rocks.  My friend could barly walk because of the rocks.  There was also somuch sea weed me and my friend mayd a sea weed salid.  Then we had to go back" 

A moth on the playground.

"Cates Park...
Yesterday I went on the very last field trip.  It was called Cates Park.  We took a school bus that said first student.  My partner was "N".  When we got there   was this sign that said Cates park  Whey ah wichen.    I felt so excited and kind of hyper.  The tracks were so bumpy.  When we got of the bus we went straight away to the park.  And played for an hour. After that we went to the fort.  To me it felt like I was a queen in a castle.  After the fort we went to the beach.  We mostly colleted  mini baby crabs.  And threw them in the ocean.  After all that we went to school.  And did a brain storm.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Our Trip to Westham Island Farms

Today's trip was to a farm out in Ladner!  The farm is called Westham Island Herb Farm.  They have animals on the farm but they also grow all kinds of plants.
When we arrived, Farmer Sharon greeted us and showed us around her farm.  It has been in her family for 100 years now!

This is a Scottish Highland cow.  Look at her hair!

Sharon feeding the donkey and the goat.

The baby kids getting some milk from mom!  Ahh!  They are so cute!!

After visiting the animals, we climbed onto the back of the pick up truck for a ride out to the strawberry field!!  It was the first riding in the back of a truck for most of us!  It was SO EXCITING!!

As we drove up to the field we could see the RED RIPE STRAWBERRIES peeking out from under the leaves!!

Everyone jumped out of the truck and went straight to work, filling our baskets!!

There were so many little berries ready for picking!!

It didn't take very long to fill our baskets.

Trying to find a few more berries.

Here are all the berries we picked!!

We can't wait to take them home to show our families!

After a "long day's work", picking berries...

...we all needed a snack and a rest!  Then we climbed back onto our bus and headed back to school!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Cooking with Growing Chefs

We had another lesson today with Growing Chefs...we made a stir fry!!!  First we talked about our classroom garden and all the things that have happened since our last lesson.  The beans and snow peas were ready to harvest!  Then we talked about how to use knives safely..."claw and saw"!  Finally, we were ready to chop up all the vegetables!

Look at all the vegetables that we are putting into the stir fry~

We all got down to chopping!  Everyone learned how 
to use a knife safely.  We worked together and cut 
up all the vegetables.

We had a bowl ready for all the vegetable scraps.  They are going into the compost so that we can feed our gardens too.

Everyone took a turn to add vegetables to our stir fry.  The room was smelling SO GOOD!!

Finally the stir fry is ready!  We ALL enjoyed it!  YUMMY!!

Spelling List "Z" ( 26)

Here are the words for this week...


Can you see the spelling pattern for the words this week? 
We noticed that the "K" sound at the end of many words is spelled "-ck".  We also noticed "oo" makes two different sounds!  Tricky!!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Our Trip To Eagle Acres Farm

What a day we had at the dairy farm!  Here are two stories written by a couple of our students.  They will give you a good idea of what we all thought of this experience...

"Oh my gosh!  You can't belive it!  If you never been to a dairy farm this is the right story for you!  And if you guessed this story is about a dairy farm... guess what...this story is more!  Alot more!!! I went to a farm called...Eagle Acres.  Eagle Acres is more than what it sounds like!  It's fun!  It's peaceful!  It's wonderful!  There was a farmer named Brian.  He had a wife named Erin, too.  The teached us how to milk a cow!  And guess what...I did it!  The cow I milked was named Bling.  There was a cow that can give 18.5 litres of milk in just 5 minutes!  Isn't that amazing?!!!? I know, right?!  One time, Brian gave us milk bottles.  And guess what?  All the baby goats were running and charging at us!  You want to go now?  I bet you do!

And...another impression of our day...

"Yesterday we went to the!  It's name was Eagle Acres farm.  We went in the early morning.  When we just got there we was a black spotted dog with white on it.  There were a guy and his name was Brian and there is a girl name Erin.  They told us the rules and we went to the thedther.  they showed us milking a cow but not with your hands they used a machine.  they put it undet it's tits and it was working.  It only takes 5 mins.  When it finish we still was in the thedther.  They told us how to milk a cow and finaly it was finish next we milt the cow. Bit we had to wait in line.  When it was finaly my turn I was too too happy.  First I pet the cow and I milked it.  It's tits were super warm.  It was a little furry.  Next we went and saw the animals.  We fead the cows and we play with the goats then we sat down on hay.  Brian gived us milk he open the goat pen and they came rushing super quick.  They sicked all the milk.  We gotta explore the place.  the place was huge!!  I went to see and play with the goat.  I liked the black spotted one that one was so adorabol!  Next I thot I would fed the cows again. The cows havs very fat and super long tonugs.  I really didn't know there were kittens.  The kittens weren't that big.  They were tiny.  That was the first time I'd feel a kitten!!  2nd last I went to the potbelly pig.  It's name is Hercules the potbelly pig was crusty and fat. The very last thing I did was play with the goats.  the very last is I dirnk chocoloate milk net we ate luch.  Finally we had a fres ice cream to end the day."

Welcome to Eagle Acres!

Sophie the dog greeted us as we got off the bus!

Our 1st "chore" on the farm was to make butter! We all took turns shaking the bottle of cream.

With everyone helping, the cream quickly turned into butter!  The liquid left over is called "buttermilk".  We didn't eat the butter - we left it for Sophie and the cats to enjoy!

The cows come in and get hooked up onto the milking machines.

This is R2D2..the robot that milks the cows!  

Here is Bling, patiently waiting for all of us to milk her!  She is enjoying some treats (grains and seeds).

And the milking begins!

Giving Bling a nice "pat".  Her tummy is SO warm!

Here is Bling!

After milking the cow, we went onto our next chore which was to feed the animals!

Sam, the baby calf is only 9 days old!

Meet Hercules, the Potbelly pig!

Feeding the baby goats was SO much fun!

The kittens with their mommy.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

A Trip To Writers' Exchange

Today our whole class had a a chance to get a taste of what it is like at the Writers' Exchange Program.  We were invited by Jennifer of Writers' Exchange to come down and do some writing together.  She arranged for 5 volunteers to come help us!

Jennifer and the other adults came and walked us over to their "place".  It was just 3 blocks away on Hastings Street.
When we arrived, everyone was SO excited.  Jennifer gave us a few minutes to walk around and explore.  Some of our classmates go to Writers' Exchange after school so they were our expert tour guides!

Do you know what these are???  They are typewriters.  People used these to write before computers!

After looking around, we finally got together in our groups for a game of mini golf!  You might be wondering..."What does mini golf have to do with writing?"

Well in this game, you had to add the number of strokes it took your team to get their balls into the holes.  Then the total score told you what characters and settings and things you had to include in your stories...which we were going to write next!
It is not easy getting the ball into the little hole!

Each hole had a book theme.  Do you know what book these 2 characters are from??

This team is at the "Green Eggs and Ham" hole.  I wonder what their score was??

The writing begins!

The ideas are coming fast!

Looking at books for some ideas!

Everyone worked so hard.

We illustrate our stories too.

Finally our stories were done.  The next part was very exciting!  We got to use a REAL microphone to read our stories to the class.  Then, before we knew it...the trip was over and we had to go back to school!

We want to thank Jennifer for inviting us to Writers' Exchange and for planning such a clever writing activity.  AND we want to thank Jackie, Shelagh, Haley, Mariah and Stacey for taking time out of their busy day to come help us and make writing so much FUN!!